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Your Voice


Do you ever feel that you have no voice in how Oakham develops and evolves?  Well now is your chance to get involved in the development of the Oakham and Barleythorpe Neighbourhood Plan (ONP).


During the next month we need residents to help us complete a half day Community Walkabout to complete the Neighbourhood Profile of 5 zones (see map below) within Oakham and Barleythorpe.

ONP Neighbourhood areas


Here is your next opportunity to get involved in the Oakham and Barleythorpe Neighbourhood Plan.


The next step in the development of our plan is to complete a Neighbourhood Character Profile for the various zones of Oakham and Barleythorpe.  In all 5 zones have been identified and during the months of July and August we will be completing a profile for each zone.  


The work has already started however we would like as many residents as possible to join us in this work.


The five zones with the profile event dates are:-


The purpose of the Neighbourhood Profile is to note:-


  • The ages of the buildings – modern, residential, post wat, Georgian

  • The use of the land – commercial, residential, agricultural

  • The layout – plot sizes, open spaces etc.

  • Open space and recreation – public open spaces, allotments

  • Natural features – green spaces, waterways

  • Shops, services, recreation – commercial premises, services, etc.

  • Landmarks – meeting points, focal points, important views 


If you would like to get involved please put your details in the contact box and a member of the Neighbourhood Planning team will be in touch.  

An example of a training walk completed for Barleythorpe can be found here

Overview Reference Documents

Elements of the Survey

(Source OpenPlan)

Elements of the Neighbourhood Overview

(Source OpenPlan)

Neighbourhood Profile Benefits


Our Neighbourhood Profile will describe the distinct appearance and feel of an zone. It captures the key physical features and characteristics that combine to give a particular zone its local distinctiveness and unique identity.


Poorly designed development proposals are often the result of a lack of understanding of, or in some cases a disregard for, the character, feel and appearance of the local area. Such proposals can fail to conserve or enhance the unique qualities of the local area for which they are proposed, and may harm and erode the existing character.


Conversely, good design, that is both visually attractive and functional, stems from having an understanding of a development’s setting and the character of the local area. This understanding can help to ensure that new development proposals are of an appropriate design; one that respects and compliments the existing local character.


By preparing a Neighbourhood Profile we have the opportunity to document and describe the existing character of your neighbourhood. The Neighbourhood Profile can then be used by developers and their architects to help them understand the local character. This in turn will help them to progress sensitively designed proposals, in keeping with the feel and appearance of our local area.


Whats Involved


The Community Walkabout to complete the Neighbourhood Profile requires a team of residents and couple of members of the ONP Committee. It entails the following;


  • Your availability for a few hours in the morning or afternoon of a given date.

  • Attendance of a pre briefing session that day at an agreed location.

  • Briefing on what’s to be done and input required.

  • How the comments and suggestions you make are captured and used.

  • Complete the walk which will take 1-2 hrs.

  • After the walk review key findings.

  • The committee member will write up the notes and findings and issue them to the attendees for comment and approval.  


Once all the Neighbourhood Profiles are completed they will be used to inform the policies that will be developed for the ONP covering Businesses, CommunityServices, Heritage and OpenSpaces, Housing, Sport and Leisure, TownCentre and Transport.


The draft ONP will then be published for review before being voted on by the residents of the Oakham and Barleythorpe parishes. It then becomes part of the Local Plan and policies within them are then used to determine planning applications. 


Get Involved


If you would like to join one of our walkabouts then please use or contact page or email  

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