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Town Centre

One of the main aims of the Oakham Neighbourhood Plan is to give the residents of Oakham an opportunity to express how they wish the Towns Character and Heritage may best be protected and enhanced. The role of the Town Centre Working Group is to facilitate this process and specifically with reference to the historic heart of the Town.

AIM To gather and collate information as to how the Town Centre may best be preserved and enhanced.

Town Centre Working Group terms of reference

Oakham High Street

What do you think would make the most improvement(s) to the Town Centre?

What do you come into town for most?

What are your views on possible: 

Speed restrictions


One way system

Street signage

Street furniture and planting

Wider paving

More/less parking and where

HGV restrictions

Remember - the Neighbourhood Plan does not cover which shops come to the town. It can however make the town centre more attractive to retailers if footfall is increased.

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