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Community Facilities

One of the main aims of the Oakham Neighbourhood Plan is to give the residents of Oakham an opportunity to express how they wish their town to develop in the coming years.


The role of the Community Facilities Working Group is to facilitate this process by good engagement within the neighbourhood with specific reference to Community Facilities.

Community Facilities Working Group Terms Of Reference

Oakham Doctors Surgery

Questions to think about:

How often do you use community facilities in Oakham/Barleythorpe?

What new or existing facilities would you and your family like to see protected, promoted or developed in the NP area?

Where would any of the above be best sited?

What's in the News?

Leics & Rutland NHS Sustainabilty Transformation Plan (STP) Draft - watch out for local consultation this summer.

Oakham Cottage Hospital

What are Community Facilities?

 A community facility can be defined as a building or space where community led activities for community benefit are the primary use and the facility is managed, occupied or used primarily by the voluntary and community sector. Community facilities can be located in a wide range of venues. These can include purpose-built structures such as community centres and village halls, as well as adapted venues, including: historic listed buildings, converted houses, flats, shops, scout huts and rooms or halls attached to faith buildings.

A wider definition of community facilities sometimes referred to as part of a place's infrastructure, could include those which provide a service to local residents:

  • Health and community care: hospitals, outpatient services, nursing homes, dentists and general practice services.

  • Non-residential institutions with a specific purpose: educational establishments, libraries, emergency services, places of worship.

  • Open space is also a very important community facility but this is covered by the Open Spaces and Heritage Working Group.


What is a NP empowered to do and what can it propose, encourage and recommend?

  • Neighbourhood Plans are first about future development so it will be about policy that designates land in new developments for use by the community.

  • Creating policy concerning the use of  local County Council levies from new housing developments under Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act securing community facilities in proposed new developments.

  • If community facilities are to be delivered as part of a residential scheme, policy as to time of completion of those facilities in relation to the whole development can be considered as too can it's ownership.

  • Policy concerning protecting and enhancing existing community facilities.

  • Policy recommendation concerning the design, accessibility and facilities of new developments.

  • Identify and encourage delivery of community and well-being projects via Community Partnerships

  • Give factual evidence behind key issues, identify key issues behind objective, present clear objectives behind policy statements.

A NP is NOT empowered to provide services used by the Community such as medical staff, teachers, librarians. Only where facilities could be potentially developed falls within the NP remit.

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