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Increasing employment opportunities in the area will help sustain a viable local economy. Although just outside of the NP boundary area,Oakham Enterprise Park on Ashwell Road is now providing space for small to medium sized businesses.

What type of employment opportunity development do you think needs to be provided for in the NP area. Industry/commercial, Retail, Small Business?  Remember the NP is only able to determine potential siting of development land. The NP cannot determine who uses it.

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Business Issues, Your Views

Victoria Hall Open Day – 9th April 2016

  • Encourage small/light industrial businesses to Lands End Way.

  • After ten years, I have closed my shop due declining footfall and poor parking in Oakham.

  • Need a 5-minute drop off zone outside both laundries in town.

  • We need DIY stores

  • Close the High Street to traffic – make pedestrian zone and café society

  • Closed my shop due unaffordable rent/rates

  • If building is permitted on allotment land on Brooke Rd next to the rail crossing, traffic trying to get onto Brooke Rd will cause huge problems, esp. at rush hours.

  • Need small independent shops.

  • Need to encourage many more visitors to the town. Why are there no visiting coaches (cf Melton and Stamford)?

  • Rejuvenate the High Street – it looks very sad.

  • Use empty shops on a temporary basis.

  • Parking for Brooke Rd cars on new allotment development = nightmare.

  • Excessive use of traffic wardens – why do they go round in twos?

  • Not enough enforcement of parking restrictions – what is the point of all the various markings on the High Street if no one obeys them!

  • Keep out fast food chains!

  • Need a WH Smiths shop

  • Plan future developments – keep HGVs out of town.

  • Allow another supermarket on Oakham Enterprise Park.

  • Need B&Q or Currys on outskirts of town.

  • We could do with some more nice shops – Superdrugs, clothes shops and maybe a cinema or bowling alley for the youngsters – instead of yet more charity and hairdressing shops!

  • Use Victoria Hall as an Arts Centre (similar to Stamford).

  • When is ALDI coming??

  • There are too many traffic wardens – who is paying for them all?

  • No more estate agents, charity shops of coffee shops.

  • Market is a sad state – look at Stamford & Melton.

  • Build more retail outlets on the bypass – to create employment.

  • We need a ‘proper’ post office.

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