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Sports and Leisure 

One of the aims of the Oakham Neighbourhood Plan (NP) is to enable the people of Oakham to have a say in how they would like the Sports and Leisure facilities already available developed and to identify if any additional Sports and Leisure facilities are required. The Sports and Leisure Working Group will work with all to gather the information required to enable informed decisions to be made on Sports and Leisure facilities within the plan.



Collect and collate information on the Sports and Leisure facilities available and how best to retain and further develop them. 

Sports and Leisure terms of reference.

There are many sports activities available within the NP area. Do you know where they all are and when they run?

What new or existing facilities would you and your family like to see protected or developed within the NP area?

Where in the NP area would you prefer to have new amenities developed?

Oakham Rugby Club and Pitches
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