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Oakham & Barleythorpe

Transport Facts

Level Crossing
Oakham level crossing

  • The management and operation of level crossings comes under Network Rail.  

  • The level crossings will be closed for longer due to an increase in freight trains.

  • The Neighbourhood Plan cannot reduce the frequency or length of time the crossing is closed.

  • RCC have applied for grant to undertake a feasibility study of the railway crossing and the impact that increased closure time will have on traffic within Oakham.

parking sign

Given the increased freight and passengers trains passing through Oakham, how could congestion at the Melton Road and Brooke Road level crossings in Oakham be reduced?

What improvements to transport infrastructure would you like to see in the future?

Oakham bypass

The Oakham Neighbourhood Plan (ONP) will give residents and businesses their Voice to decide the transportation issues and their importance.  The topics taken forward will be their Choice. 


Transport covers:


  • Roads

  • Rail

  • Parking

  • Park & Ride

  • Pedestrian and Cycling links

  • Bridal Ways

  • Foot Paths & Public Rights of Way

  • Bus Services

  • Demand Responsive Transport (DRT), (sometimes referred to as dial-a–ride, or flexi bus)

  • Access for disabled people 

Transport should enable residents and visitors to access the businesses, places, services and facilities of Oakham ensuring a vibrant and prosperous market town.  It needs to find a balance between the ease of transport, sustainable development and its impact on the environment.

Transportation Working Group Terms Of Reference

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