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One of the main aims of the Oakham Neighbourhood Plan (NP) is to give the residents of Oakham an opportunity to influence where future housing development takes place, it's style and concentration. The role of the Housing Working Group is to facilitate this.

Aim: to assess the future demands for housing and the type of housing required to meet differing needs.

Housing Terms of Reference

Remember, it is important to note that Neighbourhood Plans are not able to change Government or Local Council set targets for new housing.

Take a look too at our questions and answers from Rutland County Council in the Evidence Base 

Summary of questionnaire sent to all Oakham estate agents and received responses Aug-Sept 2016. In brief, the conclusions from the estate agents’ questionnaires are:

  1. People do not like large estates

  2. High demand for bungalows - very little supply

  3. Strong demand for higher value properties

  4. People are looking for character properties - they start looking in Oakham but turn to Uppingham and villages

  5. Strong demand for properties with a central location

  6. Stronger demand for new-builds in the rental market than for house purchase

  7. Supply of new properties for rent has declined in recent months as a result of change in stamp duty

Housing Example 1
Housing example 2

What type of housing do you think we need most in this NP area?

What style(s) of housing would you think is most suitable to enhance the look of the area?

What measures should we have in place to protect our environment when developing new housing?

This Building for Life document gives lots of clues about what to think about too.

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