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Oakham NP Vision Statement

Oakham will become Rutland's thriving and vibrant county town. Its rural location, rich history and culture make it a destination for all.


Our Neighbourhood Plan for Oakham ensures that Rutland’s county town, and its neighbouring village of Barleythorpe, are taken forward into the future as thriving, sustainable communities in an environment where people can live, work and flourish. Whilst recognising and retaining the essential rural and historic features which lie at the heart of these communities in England’s smallest county, we see that it is vital also to create an environment which can adapt and embrace the changes necessary to meet the needs of future generations. Residents cherish the close-knit, friendly, small market town character of Oakham and village life in Barleythorpe and this is our opportunity to preserve and enhance these qualities, at the same time allowing for imaginative and appropriate new housing and business opportunities which encourage positive economic growth. Alongside this, each and every member of Oakham and Barleythorpe should have access to quality services which allow them to lead fulfilled lives in a safe and caring community of which they are proud.

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