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Your Neighbourhood Plan Journey

Draft Plan Consultation

(Reg 14 & 16)

Get feedback from community.

Referendum and Plan 'made'

  • Publication of pre-referendum information

  • Public Referendum

  • Deceison

  • Plan made and in place with RCC


May 2022

Residents in Oakham and Barleythorpe have voted in favour of a Neighbourhood Plan for their areas, following a referendum on Thursday 26 May 2022.

The referendum asked residents:   

“Do you want Rutland County Council to use the neighbourhood plan for the Parishes of Oakham and Barleythorpe to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?”  

More than 50% support from those who voted is needed to bring a Neighbourhood Plan into force.  

The number of people who voted ‘Yes’ in response to the referendum question was 987 (76.28%). The number voted ‘No’ was 307 (23.72%). Total turnout for the referendum was 12.7%.

The full Declaration of Result of Poll for the Oakham and Barleythorpe Neighbourhood Plan referendum can be viewed on the RCC Website under Elections area.  

Further information about the Neighbourhood Plan itself can be found on the RCC Planning pages.

As the Local Planning Authority, Rutland County Council must formally adopt the Plan within eight weeks of the referendum.  


The referendum for the neighbourhood development plan for the Parishes of Oakham and Barleythorpe will take place on Thursday 26th May 2022. 


The Referendum version of the Oakham and Barleythorpe Neighbourhood Plan can be viewed here 


Further details of the Referendum can be viewed in the Information Statement document here.


Information about how to vote in the Referendum can be found on the Council’s Elections and Referendums webpage


May 2021


Formal examination of the Plan began on the 10th May 2021. Rutland County Council (with the agreement of Oakham Town Council and Barleythorpe Parish Council) have appointed an Independent Examiner, Andrew Ashcroft to examine the Oakham and Barleythorpe Neighbourhood Plan.


Rutland County Council have collated all the responses and forwarded them on to Andrew Ashcroft, who will consider the responses and the Plan documents when assessing whether the Neighbourhood Plan meets the relevant legislation and can therefore proceed to referendum. Further details and documents can be found on the RCC web site.


March 2021

RCC seeks the views of Oakham and Barleythorpe residents on the Draft Neighbourhood Plan for Oakham and Barleythorpe from 12th March to the 23rd April 2021.  See RCC website for more information.


November 2020

10th Nov - OTC formally submitted the Oakham Neighbourhood Plan Regulation 16 documents to RCC.  See Key Docs, ONP Regulation 16 docs submitted to RCC in the tab above.


Alignment of the Oakham Neighbourhood Plan (ONP) with the emerging RCC Local Plan completed.  


OTC approve ONP for submission to RCC for regulation 16 submission.

October 2020

OTC/ONP has asked its consultants OpenPlan to check the alignment of the Oakham Neighbourhood Plan (ONP) with the emerging RCC Local Plan.   This work is due to be completed this month. 


Link to the Oakham Neighbourhood Plan documents for Regulation 16 consultation approved by OTC.


March 2020

11/3 Oakham Town Council approved the Oakham Neighbourhood Plan to go forward for Regulation 16 Consultation.

February 2020

Following a meeting with OTC the draft Neighbourhood Plan for Regulation 16 Consultation has been updated and copies are here and Green Infrastructure here.

January 2020

The Neighbourhood Plan is still with Oakham Town Council for approval and passing to RCC for Regulation 16 Consultation. Next OTC meeting on the 8th Jan 2019.

November December 2019

The Neighbourhood Plan has been passed to Oakham Town Council, our qualifying body, to prepare for the Regulation 16 Consultation.


At their meeting on 11 Dec 2019 OTC voted to defer the approval of the plan until their next meeting on the 8th Jan 2019.

July August 2019

The feedback on the draft Neighbourhood Plan from residents and all other bodies is currently under review.


June 2019

Regulation 14 consultation is now closed. Thank you to all those who provided feedback via Survey monkey, Email and paper surveys

May 2019

Public consultation on the draft neighbourhood plan (Regulation 14) will take place between 

6 May and 14 June 2019

Click on the poster for more details and locations.

As Reg 14 consultation is now completed the Link to Survey Monkey is now closed.

Click poster to enlarge

April 2019

Regulation 14 Consultation is planned to take place between 6 May and 14 June. 

February 2019

The Steering Group has shown a working version of the Neighbourhood Plan to the Town Council on the 15th January.  We are collecting and addressing the Town Councillor's comments, and working with RCC to ensure the policies comply with the Local Plan.  

News May 2022

The ONP Steering Group's response to a residents letter that appeared in The Rutland Times at the beginning of May.


Regulation 16 Public consultation now closed

Local residents have been given the opportunity to comment on the Draft Neighbourhood Plan for Oakham and Barleythorpe after proposals were submitted to Rutland County Council for independent examination.

In accordance with Regulation 16, Rutland County Council has undertaken a public consultation between Friday 12th March until 5pm on Friday 23rd April 2021, for 6 weeks during which interested parties have made representations on the draft submission draft plan and associated documents.


Comments submitted to Rutland County Council during this period, will be considered by an independent examiner. 

A copy of the Draft Neighbourhood Plan can be viewed on Rutland County Council’s website:

Latest News

1st September 2018

It is with great sadness that we heard last week of the sudden death of Michael Hinman. 

Michael has been key member of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group since the start of our journey three years ago. His extensive knowledge of Oakham and its history has been invaluable in the development of our Neighbourhood Plan.  He also acted as our secretary and archivist.  Michael will be sadly missed.  RIP.

Working Version of Neighbourhood Plan Produced

The Steering Group has shown a working version of the Neighbourhood Plan to the Town Council on the 15th January.  


The Oakham Neighbourhood Plan working group have been invited to provide a representative to join RCC's Oakham Town Task and Finish Group.

Paul Dowse has been nominated by the ONP Steering Group.  A preliminary scoping meeting to agree the Terms of Reference took place on 9 March 2018.

Evidence Report Published

A substantial body of data was collected via surveys and consultation and has been approved and published by the Task & Finish Group. 

Consultants selected to assist in the drafting of the Neighbourhood Plan

The ONP Steering Group has selected Open Plan to support us in the delivery of the draft Oakham & Barleythorpe Neighbourhood Plan.  The recommendation was approved by the Oakham Town Council on the 10th Jan 2018.  


Oakham Town Council will apply for a locality grant of £9,000.

A kick off meeting was held with Open Plan on the 15th Jan 2018.

Letter from ONP Chair published in Rutland Times

If you are interested in helping to create the Oakham & Barleythorpe Neighbourhood plan please contact us here.

Tony Mathias references ONP Big Survey findings in relation to the Oakham Town Centre one way system in the Rutland Times.


Input from ONP Big Survey provided to RCC Town Centre project.  Document here.

Local Plan Review - ONP Feedback to RCC

Sept 2017

The Oakham Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has provided RCC with feedback on the draft Local Plan dated July 2017, using your responses from the Big Survey.  Our full response can be read here.


This map shows residents feedback for housing and business and maps the proposed sites for building in the RCC Draft Local Plan.

Local Plan Review

Rutland County Council are reviewing the Local Plan in order to extend the plan period to 2036 and to provide for any additional new housing, employment or other development that may be needed over the extended plan period.

Copies of the Draft Plan may be viewed in all Rutland Libraries and at the Council Offices in Oakham.

October / November 2018

The ONP Steering group are drafting the contents and policies for your neighbourhood plan with the assistance of OpenPlan, our external consultants. 

Once drafted and reviewed they will be published for review and consultation with residents.

Task & Finish Group Evidence Report will be published shortly

A substantial body of data was collected via surveys and consultation by the Task & Finish Group.  It has be submitted to the RCC Scrutiny Committee see here.

September 2018

July and August 2018


Here is your next opportunity to get involved in the Oakham and Barleythorpe Neighbourhood Plan.


The next step in the development of our plan is to complete a Neighbourhood Character Profile for the various zones of Oakham and Barleythorpe.  In all 5 zones have been identified and during the months of July and August we will be completing a profile for each zone.  


The work has already started however we would like as many residents as possible to join us in this work.


The five zones with the profile event dates are:-

  • Zone 1 – North East Oakham – 17 July 2018

  • Zone 2 – South East Oakham – 22 Sept 2018

  • Zone 3 – South West Oakham – 4 August 2018

  • Zone 4 – North West Oakham and Barleythorpe 4 Oct 2018

  • Zone 5 – Industrial Area and Oakham School - 7 July 2018


The purpose of the Neighbourhood Profile is to note:-


  • The ages of the buildings – modern, residential, post war, Georgian

  • The use of the land – commercial, residential, agricultural

  • The layout – plot sizes, open spaces etc.

  • Open space and recreation – public open spaces, allotments

  • Natural features – green spaces, waterways

  • Shops, services, recreation – commercial premises, services, etc.

  • Landmarks – meeting points, focal points, important views 


If you would like to get involved please put your details in the contact box and a member of the Neighbourhood Planning team will be in touch.  

July 2017

Thank you to all those that attended the Big Survey feedback event at Victoria Hall on Sat 15th July. Here are the summary slides used at the event. The full survey results can be found here.

13th June 2017

Your responses, views and ideas have been analysed and findings published in the Big Survey Report.

All the comments from residents to the survey questions can be found here (note its 333 pages)

29th May 2017


Thank you to the 1,592 households and businesses of Oakham and Barleythorpe who took the time to complete the Big Survey. This equates to a 29% response rate. This is a fantastic effort. 

5,500 Neighbourhood Plan Surveys were delivered to households and businesses in Oakham & Barleythorpe by members and volunteers of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group. The Big Survey was also available for people to complete online.  

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has uploaded the completed paper questionnaires onto a survey software system for analysis by the Rural Community Council (Leicestershire & Rutland)

A couple of residents decided to submit a letter rather than complete a survey.  These letters can be found on the Your Views page. 

The Big Survey 


ONP Big Survey Report

Click the cover page above to view the report.  

Find out more about what Neighbourhood Planning can do for the community 

  • Want us to come along and talk to your group or organisation? Contact us on the link below

  • Not able to get there? - click here for some things to think about

  • Public events will be held over the next few months in and around Oakham.

  • Watch this space and the local press

If you want to contact us use the contacts form here or email us on 

oakhamNP email address



March 2017

  • Tesco's engagement event held on the 11th March.  Thanks to alll of you who agreed to complete the Big Survey that will be posted through your door between 24th - 31st March. 

  • Engagement event held at Aldi Oakham on Sat 4th March.  Many thanks to Aldi for their support.

  • It was good to meet and speak with Oakham and Barleythorpe residents about the Big Survey being hand delivered to every home and business in Oakham & Barleythorpe between Friday 24th -Friday 31st March.

February 2017

January 2017

  • Business Forum Event held 31st January 2017. Thanks to those who braved a cold and wet night to attend. Summary of notes will appear here soon. 

  • We're starting work on the Big Survey. Watch this space.

  • Check out the Topic Areas for more updates on background documents coming in

December 2016


  • Open air stand at late night Christmas shopping event. Lots of conversations and views shared.

November 2016

  • Public event at Farmers' Market, sharing information as at Tesco's. Group and Organisation presentations underway. 

  • Information shared with parents at CofE Primary School, Burley Rd, 

October 2016

  • Public event at Tesco's, zone map and information here 

September 2016

  • An information pack was delivered to every household and business within the Oakham and Barleythorpe area. 

  • Next event planned - focus informing about Neighbourhood Planning

Click image to see the information pack contents

August 2016

  • Engaging with local organisations, groups and interested parties to listen to their views

  • Lots of research and fact finding by Working Groups

July 2016

  • Working Group volunteers recruited and topic areas set up

May 2016

  • Friday 13th May. ONP Working Group Meeting held at Victoria Hall, Oakham


April 2016


March 2016


Feb 2016


14th Jan 2016

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